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Three Generations of Innovation

Hoque Global operates with the inspiring principles established by our grandfather Sardar Golam Ali Hoque, a determined business leader who built his company through improving the daily living and infrastructure of the neighborhoods and villages of Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka, and as an entrepreneur in agricultural commodities.

Our father, Sardar Zahurul Hoque, carried the positive family ethic even further as a leader and pioneer in creating improvements throughout Bangladesh, bringing better utilities, ground transportation and manufacturing to a country ravaged by war and regional strife. He also led the expansion of trade in Bangladesh, and across Southeast Asia in India, Japan and China.

Today, with our corporate headquarters in Dallas, we are continuing the Hoque family energy and tradition of making a difference in the world: by determining solutions and effecting change in a range of business sectors that inspire us to develop and implement ideas to bring good, solid improvements to the global community.

We are grateful for the legacy of spirited and focused success of family generations preceding us, and strive every day to continue to make things better for generations to follow us.

Mike and Kevin Hoque