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Hoque Global is a diversified company with transformative enterprises in the hospitality, technology, health care, logistics and transportation, energy and real estate sectors. Our business is founded on the principals established in three generations of the Hoque family's commitment to improving the world through leadership, innovation and a relentless pursuit of solutions that bring new ideas to life in the global marketplace.

Wherever people reside in our world, great events and positive developments both big and small take place to improve life as we know it.

From global cities to small towns and villages, there are always opportunities with readily accessible benefits.

And in every community there are some business projects that simply take more persistence and determination to achieve progress.

We look for the big challenges, understanding that dedication to excellence and to achieving the right goals the right way brings rewards beyond financial value.

Obstacles create opportunity.

We believe that where great obstacles exist, one also finds infinite opportunities for growth and development to make life better.